The General Assembly of the ADEGI Entrepreneur’s Forum was held on 7 October in San Sebastian. Among others, CIN Advanced Systems Group was honoured at the event for their development over the last ten years.

More than thirty leaders and directors of different institutions were in attendance, most notably Councilperson Arantxa Tapia and other top officials from the Basque government and SPRI, like Aitor Urzelai, lawmakers Jabier Larrañaga, Jokin Perona, Jose Ignacio Asensio and representatives from the university, vocational training, risk capital investment funds and entrepreneurial bodies like Bic Gipuzkoa, Fomento SS and the Chamber of Commerce.

CIN Advanced Systems Group gave their thanks for the recognition in the words of their CEO Txema Gallego who emphasised “a marvellous team with extremely talented people who take on challenges in a very personal way that lets us keep growing”.

Caption: Txema Gallego and Jorge Marina getting recognition from Arantxa Tapia