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The Experts Board, invented by CIN ADVANCED SYSTEMS, is an innovative and distinctive service for managing knowledge and transformational skills developed to save time and money, minimise risk and avoid errors in strategic decision-making.

The Experts Board is made up of a professional team with extensive management experience and recognised prestige that, in a flexible ad-hoc way, can adapt itself to the challenge, need or problem that the company needs to solve to improve their competitiveness.

  • It provides leadership, knowledge, contacts and transformational skills with acknowledged success.
  • Generating in the company:
    • Greater capacity for innovation.
    • Savings in time and money through providing knowledge and experience in a timely manner and without exit costs.
    • Motivation, aligning and enriching your teams by integrating the Experts Board with them.
  • Propel quick payback mini-projects for improving competitiveness.

“Revolutionising management of knowledge and transformational skills”

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